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What We Believe

Articles of Faith:

The Insight Bible College of Divinity is an Christian institution that affirms the articles of faith found in three historic creeds of the early Church: The Apostles' Creed, The Nicene Creed, and The Athanasian Creed. In particular we affirm:

  • The Inspiration and Authority of the Scriptures; The Existence of One God in Three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; The Creation of the Human Race in the Image of God; The Fall and Resultant Human Depravity; The Deity of Christ, His Incarnation, Atoning Death, and Resurrection;Salvation by the Grace of God Through Faith by the Power of the Holy Spirit; One Holy Christian Church, the Body of Christ; The Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the Consummation of All Things.
  • The Gift of Everlasting Life in Heaven, With Christ, for All Who Have Trusted in Him for Salvation.


Our Campus

Our mission is to "provide an education of mind and heart" through rigorous and open intellectual inquiry guided by dedicated Christian scholars.

Insight Bible College Campus and Administration Offices is located in the beautiful city of Fayetteville, North Carolina. We are the Bible College with the Spiritual Vision, and it is our prayer that you will join our lovely college.

IBC is located at 1014 Weiss Ave., Fayetteville, North Carolina where IBC students may utilize materials in-house. 

To find our address and contact us, please visit our Contact Us page.


What We Do

Mission Statement:

To committ and maintain excellence in academic programs that foster intellectual enhancement. Additionally, stressing character development, which includes religious, cultural, social and ethical values.

To equip men and women . . .

Academic opportunities at IBC include theoretical and applied studies designed to prepare both men and women for the chosen career path

with a Christian worldview . . .

Academic studies at IBC involve learning and utilizing Bible-based Christian theological beliefs and practices in the analysis of course subject matter

of leadership and service . . .

Academic programs at IBC prepare adult learners for a variety of roles and responsibilities ranging from the level of the volunteer through that of a career professional

in life, work, and ministry . . .

Academic studies at IBC apply learning to personal, interpersonal, family, social, career, and Christian service contexts

through distance education . . .

Academic opportunities at IBC allow self-directed learners to study when and where it is convenient

that encourages professional excellence . . .

Academic programs at IBC promote the development of best practices in the performance of the duties and responsibilities of the chosen career path

and academic excellence

Academic studies at IBC emphasize scholarly analysis and quality performance in the completion of learning activities and assessments

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